Certification Services and Products

The following illustrates the services and products LOCKED ON typically provides for a startup entity seeking Part 121, 135 or 125 operating authority. Variations in the level of effort required caused by the specific operator’s requirements will affect the time required and cost of the project. Example:

PREAPPLICATION Leadership Team Education

  • Educate the leadership team on certification requirements

Certification Project Plan Development

  • Synchronize Certification and Business Build out Activities
  • Define critical dependencies and conditions for advancement

Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Design the SMS Framework
  • Launch SMS Risk Assessment Procedures
APPLICATION Airline Blueprint

  • Define all applicable regulatory requirements based on type of operation
  • Identify all Operations Specifications, Exemptions, and Deviations applicable to the proposed operation

Process Design

  • Design processes and develop procedures

Manual Development

  • Author the company manuals required to support the operation

Compliance Confirmation

  • Complete applicable FAA data collection tools
  • Prepare Letter of Compliance

Formal Application Preparation

  • Manage and coordinate the collection of required documents
  • Organize the formal application submission package
  • Prepare the Leadership Team for Formal Application meeting
Expedited Training Program Approval

  • Coordinate with the Training Manager and FAA as required to ensure early approval of training programs
  • Initial cadre Check Airman Training program development and approval

Coordination/Facilitation of Manual Approval

  • Expeditious address of FAA comments and incorporation of revisions to affect manual approval
Aircraft Conformity

  • Provide a wide range of optional services to ensure a successful aircraft conformity inspection

Evacuation and Ditching Demonstrations

  • Assist in preparation and Submission of the demonstration plans
  • Supervise preparation of Aircraft and Demonstration site

Table Top Preparation

  • Perform training exercises exposing the airline team to scenarios likely to be presented during the exercise

Proving Test

  • Assist in the development and submission of required Proving Test Plans
  • Provide scenario training to prepare all personnel for the scenarios likely to be presented during proving test flights

Post Certification Support

  • Incorporate process and manual revisions as required to address findings during the proving tests