About Us

LOCKED ON, Inc. (dba LOCKED On Certification Specialists) was founded in June 2002 as a single source service provider and consultancy for corporate clients. Our clients include:

• Eastern Air Lines
• Encompass Aviation
• Gogo Inflight
• Gulf Air
• Key Lime Air
• Mountain Air Cargo
• Net Jets Large Aircraft
• People Express
• Spirit Airlines
• Virgin Galactic

LOCKED ON principals are former tactical military and commercial airline pilots who draw on years of collaboration and teamwork experience to accomplish mission objectives. Our project Subject Matter Experts have decades of experience in flight operations, ground operations, line maintenance, heavy maintenance, and project management.

Our team of professionals has first-hand experience in all of the Part 121 and Part 135 regulatory required management positions as well as senior leadership experience with operational air carriers and operators going through the certification process. This depth of operational and certification experience means our principals and SMEs understand the scope of work for helping you build an airline that is regulatory compliant and operationally efficient…there is no learning curve or loss of momentum in meeting critical certification project deadlines.